Curve Frames

Curve Frames

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When Curve Wall Frames are bolted together they make graceful and slightly curved walls.

The Curved Wall Frames we create for broadcast studios are available in a variety of heights to fit your studio space. More Wall Frames make a wider, bigger set. Less Wall Frames makes a smaller set.

Before Ordering Answer 2 Important Questions:

Each Wall Frame is 40” wide. How many Wall Frames do you need for your space? Start by knowing the dimensions of your studio. 

How tall are your ceilings? We keep 8 feet, 9 feet and 10 feet tall Wall Frames in stock. Call for custom sizes.

1 Wall Frame = 3 feet 4 inches (40 inches) across

2 Wall Frames = 6 feet 8 inches across

3 Wall Frames = 10 feet across

4 Wall Frames = 13 feet 4 inches across

5 Wall Frames = 16 feet 8 inches across

6 Wall Frames = 20 feet across

7 Wall Frames = 23 feet 4 inches across

  • Curve Wall Frames are a foundational part of our set building system.
  • A huge variety of finishes are available for your wall frames making every set we build unique.
  • Your choice of materials are velcroed to the wall frames to create an illusion of a thicker wall.
  • These lightweight, durable frames are made of 18 gauge, powder-coated, steel tubing that will last for decades.
  • The wall frames are 1 inch thick. This makes for easy shipping, moving, and storage of broadcast sets.
  • The frames have standard connections that allow the owner to rearrange for almost limitless possibilities.
  • The "skins" are easy to velcro on and off. Adding new skins and graphics will make a whole new look for your set.
  • We can weld new wall frames for customs sizes. 
  • A Wall Frame with the skins added weighs between 35 and 50 pounds.
  • Each frame is made to order by master metalworkers and craftsmen.
  • No middlemen here. We design, build and ship everything from our home base in Charlotte, NC.
  • We will call to verify your order information and help you choose finishes.
  • Always available for personal customer service. Email or call 704-339-0785 ext 0.
Frames Set-Up Instructions


    • Lift gates will be provided at no extra cost when a loading dock is not available
    • Our products may be picked up here in Charlotte, NC in a small box truck and our freight costs will be waived. We will help you pack your desk in your truck.
    • Clients are responsible for unloading the crates from the truck, unloading the crates and installing the set pieces in the studio.
    • All items are custom-made upon order. Please contact us for current lead times for your project.

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