3 Piece Modular News Desk

3 Piece Modular News Desk

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The Modular News Desk is our answer to the need for adaptability, size, reconfiguration, and simple good looks. With each piece of the Modular News Desk being stand-alone, it can reform in multiple configurations.  Cisco ordered extra end-caps to use as dramatic 1 person presentation tables. A sports games presentation used 10 Modules lined up across a stage. KBTC in Washington used a configuration to feature a moderator. Debate teams have used this desk. This desk can fit in almost any space and is an asset to any studio.


  • An optional face monitor is perfect for the center section of the desk. Whatever you can see on your computer can be seen on the face monitor. You can use a flash drive or a laptop with an HDMI cable.
  • Front Graphics lend themselves to the center face section. 
  • Extra Plexi Top is a 1/8 inch thick layer of transparent black plexiglass over the top of your desk. It looks great and hides the mobile devices on the shelves used for prompting.
  • Black Fabric Top is available to offer the most matte finish for those who use Green Screens. The fabric top is removable if you want to switch back to the plexiglass top.
  • Modular End Cap Minis are available for a simpler look. They do not have lighting features. Call for a quote!
  • If you do not see the options you are searching for then call or email for a quote. 704-339-0785,


  • This desk was part of a set that won the prestigious NAB award - National Association of Broadcasters.
  • This 3 piece desk includes 2 End Caps and 1 Module. The Modular News Desk has 4 possible parts: Corner, Module(s), End-caps with RGB lights, and Small End Caps without the lights
  • The Modular News Desk with it’s different parts can be rearranged. More parts of the desk can be added to extend the capacity to seat many. Or the parts of the desk can be reduced to one End Cap for 1 person. 
  • Purchase just a few sections to make a great desk, or many modules to make a desk of epic proportions.
  • The recent redesign offers a thick slab of plexiglass for the top instead of the traditional laminated wood.
  • RGBW translucent color on the End Caps makes it all pop
  • RGBW lights are simple to transform to countless different possible colors
  • Multi-channel Dimmer Controller makes colors and intensity levels easy to adjust.
  • DMX lighting system is compatible with and can be added to your existing lighting controls.
  • This desk comes with locking castors.
  • The Module part of this desk has a built-in shelf where you can place an ipad for prompting
  • Standard finishes are Stardust metallic and Black.
  • This 3 Piece Modular Desk is 36” deep x 105" Across x  36" Tall, 480 pounds
  • The Modular News Desk has been recently redesigned to make the desk lighter using strong, lightweight tubular steel for the desk frame. This desk has been designed and redesigned several times until we believe we have the best possible product for the best possible price.
  • Each desk is custom made to order by master carpenters and graphic artists.
  • No middlemen here. We design, build and ship everything from our home base in Charlotte, NC.
  • These desks typically take 6-8 weeks to build after payment and all design decisions have been approved. Please contact us for current lead times for your project.
  • We will call to verify your order information
  • Always available for personal customer service. Email or call 704-339-0785 ext 0.


    • Each module has its own individual crate
    • A liftgate is provided at no extra cost when a loading dock is not available
    • Freight costs can be reduced if you pick up in Charlotte
    • You are responsible for unloading crates from the truck, opening and unpacking the crates, and installation in the studio
    • Our shop foreman will contact you to schedule a ship date

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