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Monolith News Desk

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The Monolith News Desk features a solid inch of nicely shaped acrylic over a powerful option for a back-lit RGBW LED end caps and monitor. The front of the desk is perfect for showing off your company branding, graphics, or just rich colors.

  • Desk has flexibility and will be an asset to any broadcast from local news, sports news, sells meetings, interviews, webcast, simulcast to demonstrations, game shows and special events.
  • Modern and sleek broadcast news desk with brushed aluminum and Plexiglas.
  • RGBW LED color changing lights have numerous variations which add vivid richness and pizzazz, dramatizing the moods of the broadcast.
  • Multi-channel Dimmer Controller makes adjusting the colors and intensity simple.
  • DMX lighting system is compatible with and can be added to your existing lighting controls.
  • Recent addition to our exciting collection of broadcast desks.
  • Monolith News Desk will showcase your talent and your station
  • The Monolith News Desk has been designed and redesigned, improved and redesigned, over and over until we believe we have the best possible product for the best possible price.
  • This desk comes with locking castors.
  • Each desk is custom made to order by master carpenters and graphic artists.
  • No middlemen here. We design, build and ship everything from our home base in Charlotte, NC.
  • Monolith Desk Small Top to seat 4: 78.25" across x 46" deep x 36" tall
  • Monolith Desk Large Top to seat 6: 90.75" across x 46" deep x  36" tall
  • These desks typically take 6-8 weeks to build after payment and all design decisions have been approved. Please contact us for current lead times for your project.
  • We will call to verify your information
  • Always available for personal customer service. 704-339-0785 ext 0 or email


  • Several options for the top: small or large; clear Plexiglas or lightweight laminated wood
  • Black Fabric Top is available to offer the most matte finish for those who use Green Screens. The fabric top is removable if you want to switch back to the plexiglass top.
  • Extra Plexi Top is a 1/8 inch thick layer of black or transparent black plexiglass over the top of your desk. This is used with the Edge Lighting, the shelf or just for the appearance.
  • Monolith Prompt Monitor Shelf to use for ipads and notes. This works well with the ⅛” transparent black plexi over the top.
  • Monolith Desk Top Edge Lighting requires also purchasing the black plexiglass top. This option allows you to change the color of the top edge. Many colors are available. The RGBW LED lights are embedded into the plexi. The ⅛” black plexi top hides the embedded lights.
  • If you do not see the options you are searching for then call or email for a quote. 704-339-0785,


  • Freight dimensions for this desk: 1 Crate, 51 Tall x 36 Wide x 97 Long, 514 lbs
  • A liftgate is provided at no extra cost when a loading dock is not available
  • Freight costs can be waived if you pick up in Charlotte
  • You are responsible for unloading crates from the truck, opening and unpacking the crates, and installation in the studio
  • Our shop foreman will contact you to schedule a ship date

Broadcast News Desk

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